the Benefits of the benefits



i recently attended a meeting organised by the FM industry. What industry? I hear you cry. Something to do with the music radio or food. Ok! wait a minute. Facitlites Management. What? Still none the wiser?

Its their industry and its their language. 

So for all you out there who may be interested or have a lost you already. Hold on in there. Facility management mean looking after the building that you work in. They manage the building and the business. That means when you walk in the front door and it opens and the lights are on, thats them. When you walk into the lift and you walk out on the 5th floor, they look after that. When you sit down on your comfortable seat. Thats them too. The windows, toilets, the cleaning the air con and the heating. Infact everything that is in that building which makes your experience inside a wonderful one is down to the facitlies manager. 


So when they want to sell their industry I think we need to hear the benefits of the benefits. For example if the aircon is working perfectly everybody in the building benefits but what is the benefit. Everybody is happy and you want to work in that place and when you leave the building you want to return to it and continue to work. Hey that means that you work to the best of your ability and therefore the business improves and make more money. You get more money and nicer holidays, new clothes, new car. The benefits of the benefits.

So the end of my rant. Speak the language that everyone knows what you mean and understand. No Jargon and sell the benefits of the benefits.


See you soon

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can you see the whole picture Image

can you see the whole picture in your business magic

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do you see

do you see

the wholepicture

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team talk

team talk

you know what you want out of the others in your team

when you network top tip

always be on the lookout for what others are looking for and listen very carefully. IF they ask you want you are looking for be very specific

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party party

dont you just love to party
this weekend was party time and I added magic.

We all love to party and have a good time.

What make a good party or event though?


Live entertainment magic

great food


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now for desert!


You are out for a romantic meal and the meal has been great so far the wine has been flowing the conversation just amazing, funny and your imaginations are running wild.

Now for desert.

Are you to share, have one each or one each and share each others. You both like the one thing but you have to try something different. The waiter approaches the table and you take command of the situation. “one to share please and something new never tried before, can you recommend”

My next instalment of doing your exhibition is like your desert. They(your customers) are there in hall. Let them look at the menu on offer, that’s your marketing material. Are they going to try something different or stick with the same old stuff. How do you lure them into your menu. Make sure your material stands out is is different and has just the key points on it that sells that experience and fixes their problem.

see you soon for the coffee!

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Go on be a devil



  • tap to your imagination when doing an exhibition.
  • When you are planning the exhibition look at the stand from the customer point of view, not yours.
  • Make decisions of what they are going to see and how to engage in there thought process.
  • They will see your stand for a matter of seconds and the message has got to be there asking a questions.
  • Always stand up on your stand, (that’s why they are called a stand)
  • Engage with your clients with a smile!

more soon

scalebreaker and magician




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